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BeeBee The Family Collection – Five Wraps

5 Wraps, 3 Designs: cut your tribe's plastic use with 1 helpful pack


Five wraps - 33 x 33 cm (2), 26 x 26 cm (2), 18 x 18 cm (1)


The Family Collection is great value all round. More wraps, more designs and less food waste. Family and food both happy! With three different sizes you have every base covered from avocados to aubergine, sandwiches to salad. One large could be used for an adult sandwich, whilst the other keeps last night's leftovers fresh in the fridge. The two mediums could be used for Baby Bear's packed lunch, one on a sandwich and the other on a pouch of raisins, whilst the small covers half an avocado preventing it from going brown in the fridge... The possibilities are endless!


In your pack, you will receive 5 BeeBee beeswax wraps in a mix of Wheat, Sardines and Tulip designs. Please note that you won't necessarily receive the design combination that you see pictured- one of the ideas behind the pack is to help us to eliminate our waste, so the designs are dependent on what we have here at BBHQ. 


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What is a BeeBee Wrap?


BeeBee Wraps are squares of organic cotton infused with a formula of beeswax, rosin, organic jojoba oil, often called beeswax food wraps.

Using warm hands, these are shaped around food in place of clingfilm. You can wash them in cold, soapy water, and reuse for a year. 


The 3 B's of BeeBee


Back to Nature


BeeBee Wraps are a natural product meaning at the end of their year-long life they return to the earth, just as nature intended. Plastic is so robust, lasting hundreds of years. Using it once then discarding it is outrageous. Nature always has a better long-term solution. 


Better than Plastic


Plastic suffocates food, BeeBee Wraps allow food to breathe prolonging the life of whatever you wrap and avoiding food waste too! Not to mention cutting down your plastic pollution. 


Beautiful not Boring 


Whilst keeping our core values of being a sustainable product, we let design lead the way. What we use should help us feel happier not make life harder.  You shouldn't need to compromise on appearance using a plastic alternative. BeeBee Wraps are bought for their beauty, loved for their legacy.

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